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An increasing number of travellers today are willing and eager to seek out food that they know to be incredibly fresh. They also appreciate ingredients that have travelled a short distance resulting in meals that have been prepared in a manner that is more environmentally responsible.

Here at Sea View House in Doolin we are very fortunate to be able to offer our guests home grown and locally sourced ingredients that we combine in the kitchen to produce dishes with as few as 10 food miles.  Food miles is the average distance all the ingredients in a dish have travelled from where they were produced.


home produced or sourced locally

Some of the ingredients that go into our breakfast. Everything is either home produced or sourced locally.

Located on the family farm we have a number of small gardens where we grow a diverse range of produce from apples to onions and rhubarb to potatoes.

Close to the kitchen our small herb garden  provides us with fresh herbs such as thyme, sage, rosemary, dill, parsley and chives, which we use every morning for breakfast. Guests are welcome to browse and sample if they wish.


Thyme and Sage from our Herb Garden

Our Flock of Free Ranging Chickens

Our Flock of Free Ranging Chickens

In our poly tunnel we mostly grow tomatoes. We also grow courgettes, chillis, salad leaves, strawberries, grapes and melons. Seeds are planted in late January and grown indoors until the last of the frost in April. We water every other day with a diluted homemade feed of nettle, comfrey and tomatoes thinning and enjoy organic tomatoes from July right up to the end of October.

On the farm we have a large flock of mixed breed chickens that supply us with most of our eggs. The chickens are free to roam the farm in search or tasty morsels in true free ranging style.

Autum brings wild blackberries. This year the hedgerows were bursting with these deep purple delights and when not served in a fruit salad they make a lovely jam that captures the taste of summer.

Wild Blackberry Jam

Making Wild Blackberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Jam made with strawberries from our garden

Being close to the ocean here in Doolin allows us to take advantage of the low spring tides when we harvest one of our favourite seaweeds Dillisk.  Dillisk is a rich, natural source of essential vitamins, ions and sea salt and we harvest it in a sustainable manner from the rocks in spring and summer using a scissors. The Dillisk is then washed and air dried before finally drying it to a crisp in a low oven  and stored in glass jars. Every time we bake brown bread we add a little ground Dillisk for that Umami savoury taste.

Brown Bread With Dillisk

Brown Bread With Dillisk harvested and dried in Doolin

Dillisk harvested in Doolin

Dillisk harvested in Doolin

Our location in the Geopark at the edge of the Burren allows us take advantage of some of the best Burren produce. The Jeuken family provide us with wonderful True Burren Goats Cheese from their farm in the Burren National Park . The Burren smoke house in Lisdoonvarna supply us with delicious organic smoked salmon. while the Ailwee Caves produce the famous Burren Gold a gouda type cheese which goes well with the grapes from our Polly tunnel.

Local Handmade Cheese

Local Handmade Cheese part of our breakfast buffet

Have a look at our breakfast menu   www.seaview-doolin.ie/breakfast/

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  1. Ann Ganley

    Thanks for all,your help with majored and Hannah’s wedding. The photos are beautiful. I am having a small book,printed up,of my own photos.
    Nael I found cast iron bowels to make frittatas….yum!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Ann it was a pleasure to to meet you and all your family. I am deighthed Hannah’s and Jared’s wedding went off so well. It was a great day and it was a pleasure to help organise and host it.
      Hope you are enjoying your Frittatas.



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