Music Pubs of Doolin

When you're in Ireland, you absolutely can't miss out on visiting an Irish pub – it's a must. Pubs go beyond typical bars; they're places where people come together, socialise over drinks, make friends and enjoy a good time. Doolin has four excellent Pubs to choose from, offering you the mandatory Pint of Guinness you probably have on your "Irish bucket list" and a range of excellent meals and live music.

The pubs in Doolin are known the length and breadth of Ireland and across the world. They have become synonymous with traditional Irish music. Even in the quiter winter evenings you will find music in at least on of the four pubs. Don’t miss out on Irish culture and visit one of the fantastic Pubs in Doolin while staying here:

Gus O'Connors pub Doolin Ireland

Gus O’Connor’s Pub Doolin

Just a 3-minute walk from Sea View House, Gus O’Connor’s is one of the more famous of Doolin’s four pubs. While it is well known for its nightly music sessions, in addition, they also serve food every day.

Fitz’s Pub & Eatery doolin

Fitz’s Pub & Eatery

Famous for its lively music sessions and home of the Wild Atlantic Session, Fitz’s Bar is a relaxed eatery where you’ll be served the best of local food.

Mc’Gann’s Bar Doolin

Mc’Gann’s Bar Doolin

Head here for a great experience of Irish Traditional Music and delicious pub food in the friendly atmosphere of a family run traditional pub in the heart of Doolin.

Mc’Dermott’s Bar Doolin

Mc’Dermott’s Bar Doolin

Serving traditional pub fare McDermotts pub is where you can enjoy good food a pint. In the evening head there for a nightly dose of traditional Irish music.