Fisherstreet – Doolin

Did you know that Fisherstreet in Doolin is one of Ireland’s most photographed streets. It’s brightly painted thatched cottages and shops can be found all over social media.

The village of Doolin is located on the west coast of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way and is at the center of what is now the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark.

Doolin is a popular destination for those who want to experience traditional Irish music, explore the Geopark, or visit the Aran Islands.

Fisherstreet Doolin

The Thatched Cottages on Fisherstreet

Fisherstreet in the seventies

While there are now only two thatched cottages remaining in Fisherstreet, at one point every house or cottage had a thatched roof. Reed was the traditional thatching material used and was often laid on an underlay of scraw, a sod of grass-grown turf from the surface of a bog or from a field. 

Fisherstreet 1935

Taken in 1935 the photograph above shows Gus O’Connor’s Pub, which was established ~100 years earlier in the 1830s.

At one stage the walled area along the river’s edge were used as gardens, however according to Eddie Stack’s book on Doolin, “Long Ago there used to be cottages right down on the banks of the river in Fisherstreet A lot of Fishermen and their families lived there.”

The horse in the picture was Anthony Moloney’s, grandfather of Darra who owns and runs Sea View House

A picture taken in the early sixties just after electricity was brought to Doolin.
Fisherstreet Doolin Photo by Mike Mulcaire

Fisherstreet is built on the banks of the Allie river which divides the limestone of the Burren to the North from the shales of the Cliffs of Moher to the south. The river follows through Doolin following the path of the Doolin Cave system underneath it.

Fisherstreet at Sunset. Photo by wild_sky_photography
Sweater Shop Doolin
Ivy Cottage Doolin
Ivy Cottage Cafe Doolin

Over the years many of the cottages in Fisherstreet were upgraded. As a result, some of the thatched roofs were replaced with slate roofs. Two of the original thatched cottages remain The Pink sweater shop and the Ivy Cottage Cafe.

Fisherstreet Doolin 2021

Overlooking Fisherstreet, Sea View House is the ideal location while staying in Doolin. Four beautifully furnished en-suite guest rooms with views over Fisherstreet and the Ocean


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